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Posted by angelaiozzia on November 7, 2012 at 2:15 AM

As the votes continue to be tallied in, it has become clear The People Want To Live!

I am amazed, watching my twitter and facebook feeds, all the love and support coming through on all the messages. It really is time, time for the Light to come forward and shine on all of us. There are those of us who have had a  head start and it is our job to help others dig deep and find their own Light. We are the Lightbringers. The healers, the therapists, believers, Reiki Masters, Feng Shui practitioners, naturopaths ...all the practioners previously thought of as "New Age." It is not of any denomination or belief system. It is only to bring the Light on this planet. 

Daily Guidance:

No matter what your vocation is, you can use it as a vehicle to bring Light into your life and the life of others. It is important for us to be of service to our community. Even something as simple as changing oil in a car, or ringing up a customer, can be done with loving intent. Spread joy everywhere you go! Connect with community, and see your world change for the better.

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