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Build it, and they will come.

Posted by angelaiozzia on November 9, 2012 at 1:35 AM

I admit I am not the biggest baseball fan, but I really loved the movie, Field of Dreams. It tells us a story about doing something what everyone else tells this character is crazy. But in the end, he had beautiful closure and also saved his family. The character went with his gut instinct and listened to it above any other voice. It is inspirational to me because I know in the past, I had been talked out of my gut feelings. Every single time in my life that I ignored or was talked out of my intution, I got hurt. These "gut feelings" or intuition are truly gifts from Spirit to guide us where to go. It is so unfortunate that we have been taught to ignore these ideas and feelings as just a fleeting thought or moment of weakness. The next time you get what I call a "hit", follow your guidance! Let me know how it turns out.

Daily Guidance for November 9, 2012

Move forward with confidence. It does not mean you have to have faith in yourself to start moving forward. Put faith in Spirit and eventually your faith in yourself will come sooner than you think. Your angels will be there to support you until the end.

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